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There are painting techniques used by the Artists: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, etc. Each technique is used in order to create a specific style.

Acrylic: a watersoluble painting mixed with acrylic polymers and  pigments from opaque to transparent to create rich texture and colors. Once dried layer can not be rediluited.

Watercolor: a watersoluble painting mixed with arabic gum , binders and  transparent pigments to create beautiful transparent color layers with watercolor cotton paper.

Some of the most used techniques by the Artist Marco Valencia are acrylic painting and watercolor painting, focussing on acrylic painting techinque.

"I always liked to use pencils and watercolors. While I was learning drawing techniques I discovered acrylic painting for creating without waiting long time as oil does, so I chose acrylic painting to create all my paintings since 90´s, I like acylic because its fast drying time, it allows to put texture and layers in one painting sesion. "

What are favorite brands of acrylic for the Artist ?

"Since I was starting to paint I always searched for best materials to draw or paint. For that reason, my favorite brands are those labeled as proffessional artist´s acrylic, why, because they deliver high pigmented colors and the results on canvas are stunning. Also there are some colors in Artist color pallete that there are not in other quality like paynes gray, chromiun green or original cobalt blue.  Some of my favorite brands are Sennelier Artist Xfine Acrylic (France), Amsterdan Expert Acrylic and Winsor & Newton Artist´s acrylic (England)"  / Marco Valencia