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Self taught Artist and Chemical engineer, Marco started to paint landscapes since since he was a child. Since 1998 with his first solo exhibition "Esencia del paisaje" (San Salvador), his artworks have been exhibited in some countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico and United States. He is considered by some art critics and galleries as one of the most important landscape painters in Central America. Since 1997 his paintings have been exhibiting in important Art collection across Central America.

The theme of nature in his artwork , sometimes a tropical rainforest, some other times a pine tree forest, is perhaps of the most important element in his personal discovery through Art.
Some of his paintings  themes come from his imagination, mainly from landscapes from Latin America. Usually his paintings are detailed and tend to hyperrealism but he considers himself just only as "landscape painter with a touch of realism".

His latest paintings from 2010, are also with painted with impressionism brushstrokes, a tribute to impressionism art.

"My purpose is discovering excellence in my paintings, creating a personal theme and a personal dialogue with nature"
Marco Valencia (San Salvador, El Salvador 1973 - ) 

..What art curators say about Marco Valencia 

"..Valencia is part of the great contemporary hyperrealist artists and without

place to any doubt, his works stand out from any other artist of this genre in his country"

Ricardo Camacho, Mexican Art Curator, website:

".. Valencia’s sceneries conspicuously assemble gardens, forest, rivers and hidden tropical

jungles. We may discover different sensations, or either lost or higher transcendental

emotions in those circumstances"

Mauricio Linares Aguilar MFA Art Curator, 2013, website: 

"... The meticulous beauty of this painting, the beauty of forests with bamboo, which is the artist's universe, is one of the best expressions of Latin American landscape painting."

Armando Alvarez Bravo, Cuban Art Curator, 2001

"..The meticulous pictorial work, the soft brushwork, modulated, the line valued, the play of the multiple planes, the velvety surface, give an unprecedented air to the landscape of Valencia. "

Belgica Rodríguez, Venezuelan Art Curator, 2001

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